Musings of a Nightshift Nurse

About Me

About Me

I am a surgical ICU RN with a passion for travel, beauty, and of course, nursing. I strive for a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally, and taking on the challenges of everyday life with a positive outlook. I believe there is a lesson to be learned from everything in our lives, and began this blog as an outlet to express those lessons and the emotions that come along with them – in addition to creatively keep myself busy after a bad hiking accident in 2016.

I graduated with my BSN at 21 years old in San Diego, CA. I started as a new grad in the SICU and am still on the same floor 3 years later, loving it more and more every day. I am also going on my third year as a board member for our local AACN Chapter as marketing chair, and manage their social media accounts and website.

Another one of my passions is MAKEUP. In nursing school I worked for Benefit Cosmetics and freelanced at different Sephora locations. While I have stopped working for them, I still enjoy doing wedding and event makeup on the side.

One major goal of mine over the next couple of years is to TRAVEL a lot more than I have recently. My accident set me back quite a few trips I had planned, but I have a lot scheduled for the future 🙂 I have been to 14 countries and hit 4 continents thus far, with two more countries to check off by January 2018.

I am so grateful to have connected with so many of you and appreciate you reading what I have to say. Your support of my blog means more than you know!