How to be single on Valentine’s Day

How to be single on Valentine’s Day

That day is finally coming up. When your newsfeed blows up with all the pictures of the red roses and chocolates. Or maybe it’s the ones of a candlelight dinner with the boyfriend smiling in the background. My favorites are the pictures of your new designer handbag with the caption: “How did I get so lucky? 😍”

It’s already been a chore scrolling through Facebook to see all the ring selfies and an engagement announcement on the daily. It’s easy to ask yourself, especially on Valentine’s Day, “What the hell is wrong with me and why am I still single at __ years old?” Don’t. Because there’s really no reason at all, you just need to trust the timing of your life. With that said, don’t get me wrong! If you’re in a successful relationship, I’m happy for you!  Really. It’s not easy these days. And you can probably stop reading this post. I just also believe that if you’re single you can be just as satisfied, and enjoy some things that you otherwise couldn’t do if you were in a relationship. 

I love being single. I make my own schedule and don’t have to answer to anyone. I travel a lot and don’t miss a guy back home. I treat myself at the mall and don’t get in trouble for spending my hard-earned money. And this year, I won’t have to endure any more Valentine’s Day disappointments. One year I went to go pick up my boyfriend because he didn’t have a car (problem #1) and as he got in the car I asked where we were headed. He responded with “You didn’t make a reservation??” (problem #2).

So this year on Valentines Day, I’ve put together a list of some things you can do as a single person that doesn’t involve you crying over your ex (or lack of one) with your cats. 

  1. Go to Hooters. So this isn’t for the reason that you would think guys. Hooters is offering 10 free boneless wings if you bring in a picture of your ex to shred. I love this so so much. Can’t go wrong with shredding your ex to pieces while eating free wings. 
  2. Celebrate Galentine’s Day. Yeah I know that sounds lame and that term kind of is, but go out with your single friends! The bars are probably full of a lot of single men (or women) that night anyways. If you don’t like the idea of flirting with the opposite sex like me, refer to idea number 3.
  3. Drink. Yes it’ll help you out with the above but you can also do this at home! You have no one to impress. And Valentine’s Day is all above loooove isn’t it? I loooove Mr. Daniels, Mr. Cuervo…
  4. Celebrate your singleness with a single’s subscription box. See, they don’t have a “in a relationship” box do they? Singles Swag boxes start at $24.99 and include beauty products, snacks, accessories, and other goodies delivered to your front door.
  5. Splurge. Go buy those expensive shoes or bag you’ve been wanting. I LOVE YOU SELF!
  6. Have a spa day. Treat yourself to a massage or facial, or go get a mani-pedi. If you’re saving money, do a facial mask at home! I love all the masks from Origins, (they actually give free mini facials in store) or buy the single masks from Sephora here. There’s 8 different kinds and they’re only $6.
  7. Babysit. I know…but you could offer to watch your friend’s kids so they can enjoy a Valentine’s Day date since you won’t be. At least it’ll keep you busy.
  8. Unplug from social media. If all the Valentine’s Day posts drive you up a wall then turn your phone off until the next day. You’ll probably enjoy the break anyways.
  9. And after all the fun has ended, go buy all the candy on sale on the 15th. Because you can, and nobody’s gonna tell you otherwise.

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