Must Haves: Mascara

Must Haves: Mascara

I thought I’d start off my beauty section of the blog with one of my favorite makeup products: mascara! Mascara is something most girls don’t leave the house without and with so many options out there, it really is difficult to find the right ones. Now, I believe that some mascaras look amazing on some and not so much on others. Everyone’s lashes are different. But, these are the mascaras I find look the best on myself, and majority of people I put them on.

Must have mascaras they're real, mac, and too faced on marble background
In no particular order…

1. “They’re Real” by Benefit Cosmetics – Alriiiight I’ll start off with my bias but since working for Benefit years ago this mascara really is incredible. I mean, I have put this mascara on thousands of people and not once did it disappoint. It gives volume, length, and curl, even on straight lashes. It has a plastic wand with bristles on the side but also vertically on top of the wand. This way, after applying, push the lashes up vertically for even more lift. It is “water-resistant.” They’re Real comes in black, brown, and blue, and has a waterproof version as well (even though the original is pretty dang waterproof anyways). The one flaw about this mascara is that while it does not smudge at all, it is difficult to remove. You’ll need a makeup remover that works for waterproof makeup or you can buy Benefit’s “They’re Real remover,” a cream. People have asked me numerous times if my lashes were real so it lives up to its name. Cost = $24 for 0.3oz. Buy at Sephora Here.

They're real mascara in black and blue on marble background

2. “In Extreme Dimension – 3D Black Lash” by MAC – This mascara was released shortly after “They’re Real” came out and you can tell they modeled it after just that. But, it comes pretty close to “They’re Real” and is not as difficult to take off, thus it’s not water-resistant. The wand is very similar, with plastic bristles horizontally and vertically, to capture every lash. This one is great for length and curl, with slightly less volume than “They’re Real”. But it has this MAC smell I just love. Comes in black, and there is a waterproof version as well. Cost = $23 for 0.44oz. Try it at Nordstrom with free shipping/returns here: MAC ‘In Extreme Dimension – 3D Black Lash’ Mascara – Black

Mac in extreme dimension mascara on marble background

3. “Better than Sex” by Too Faced – While opinions may vary on the name, this mascara has become a favorite of many since it came out. The hourglass shaped brush creates lots of volume, giving you a doll eyed look. I’ve heard from some that this mascara is too thick for them and appears clumpy. While I agree a little, if you mess with your lashes well enough clumps can separate into thick black lashes. There’s also a waterproof version I have as well. Paraben free. Cost = $23 for 0.27oz. Buy at Sephora Here.

Too faced better than sex mascara in black and waterproof on marble background

4. “Hypnose Drama” by Lancome – I love this mascara. This mascara is great for length and volume, and with its s-shaped brush, it captures every lash. This mascara gives you thick spidery looking lashes. “Hypnose Drama” comes in just black, and there’s a waterproof version. Cost = $27 .50/0.22oz. Buy at Sephora Here.

Lancome hypnose drama mascara on marble background
What mascaras are your favorite?  Comment below.

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