Nurses Week Gift Ideas

Nurses Week Gift Ideas

Nurses week is around the corner! May 6-12th. I figured I would put together a list of gift ideas for coworkers, a preceptor, yourself mostly…

Cause it really is a week to celebrate and treat yourself (or others). Our job is HARD. I have an addiction to amazon prime so everything here is off amazon, easy peasy.

We can start out with this nurse coloring book filled with nurse problems that you get to color. Fun right. Stress-relieving maybe? There’s also a clean version but the sweary midnight edition was more appropriate to fit my lifestyle needs.




Fun socks. I just thought the design on this pair was too cute.



And these are the compression socks I buy for work. I got the big pack of them cause I can’t work without them! They help so much with swelling and circulation, I feel way better after my shift if I wear them. I love that these ones aren’t super tight so they’re still easy to put on and take off. And they breathe really well too, they’re not super heavy and wooly.

This cute keychain to remind yourself and others how humble you are.

These bone pens. I got these for my ortho surgeon after he told me it’s going tibia okay.

The classic Band-Aid notepad.



Needle pens and highlighter set. So cute for nursing school.


Badge Reels:

(Bobbi the brain, Vera the uterus, Lulu the lung) I mean come on these are so cute. I’m going to get Carol the colon for my mom who’s a GI nurse, so perfect right.



This cute mug in nursing language.

A creative way to rate your shift.

Or if you can’t quite rate your shift.

This foldable clipboard is so great for clinical. It has lots of necessary resources all in one place. I’ve gotten this as a gift for several nursing students – they’ve all loved it.



If you’re feeling trendy, you can get the ever so basic rose gold stethoscope from MDF.


Or if you’re a dark soul like me you can get the one I have. Heart eyes.



And with that, happy Nurses Week to all of you! We work a tough job and we deserve some recognition for what we do! Now go treat yourself!!

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